National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

24/7 Mental Health Access Line: 800-854-7771

Military & Veterans Benefits Line: 877-4LA-VETS (8387)


March 30, 2021 – Spark the True You: Military Resource Network Presented by Anthem

Join us as we share how to navigate employment, housing, mental health, and healthcare as a civilian. Admiral Sandy Adams will give opening remarks, followed by resources from Metro, World Relief Southern California, Goodwill of Southern California and more!

January 23rd, 2020 – Career & Education Success

Join us as we share tips on how to navigate career changes while setting yourself up for success. We’ll have resources for you to learn how to leverage your experiences, make your resume stand out, and how to dress for success. Resources from PCC Veteran Service Center, Admission, Records, Educational & Employment Counseling and more will be in attendance!

December 3rd, 2019 – Staying Steady, Moving Forward
Reins of HOPE

Transitions can be very exciting, but they can also be incredibly stressful. Women with prior military service experience unique stressors and strengths related to significant life adjustments. How can we effectively manage our stress as we move through life’s changes and curveballs? We invite you to join us as we discuss stress management, sustainable self-care practices, and working toward a balanced approach in our own transformations.

November 13th, 2019 – Supporting One Another Within Our Families & Beyond
Willowbrook Senior Center

Family can be a source of both comfort and stress, especially for women veterans and women in military families. Join us as we exchange stories, ideas, and resources to sustainably navigate familial dynamics and caregiver stress. We aim to honor and support the incredible work done by women veterans and servicemembers within and for our military families.

October 15th, 2019 – Where The Heart Is
Bob Hope Patriotic Hall

The goal of this event was to raise awareness about the unique experiences of women veterans facing homelessness. We invite women with prior military service, along with family and community members, to this special community event. We will be sharing a meal, local resources, and tools for empowering veteran women experiencing homelessness. We look forward to sharing this event with you!

September 27th, 2019 – Creating A Life Worth Living

How can we recognize emotional pain within ourselves or our community, and what can we do in response? In recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, please join us as we empower ourselves with skills and resources to reduce risk, improve wellbeing, and work toward building a life worth living.

March 22nd, 2019 – Spark The True You Campaign Tip Off Event + Women Veteran’s Summit

Goal: Spark the True You, presented in partnership with the Los Angeles County Departments of Military and Veteran Affairs and Mental Health, educates, assists and activates a growing community of support across Southern California for military women, veterans and their families looking for ways to be successful and achieve their ultimate physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health goals. The partnership casts a greater spotlight on military women, veterans and their families in an effort to highlight and underscore the invaluable community asset that they are.

Who: Women in active duty, women veterans, and their families

What: During the first half of the day, women in active duty, women veterans, and their families spent time listening to informed and empowered guest speakers. In the second half of the day, guests were provided information on employment opportunities and veteran programs exclusively available to them while also being given access to wellness activities.

Why: Empower military women and veterans to spark their truth in their own communities as a benefit to themselves and to their fellow sisters.


May 24th & May 25th – WE RISE

Goal: WE RISE is a 10-day pop-up immersive experience that brings together LA’s diverse community to explore our collective power to live lives of purpose and engagement. Through powerful programming, performances, immersive workshops, and a world-class art exhibition, we seek to embolden individuals and families to find help, reach out to help others and demand systemic change in order to address the critical need for early intervention, treatment and care for mental well-being.

Who: LA Sparks player Alexis Jones, Sparky, and LA Sparks Dance Crew

What: On Friday May 24th, Alexis Jones showed her support by participating in a tour of the We Rise art exhibition as well as sharing her own personal story with over 30 teenagers at the Teen Town Hall on Mental Health event.

Why: In coordination with the Spark The True You campaign, the LA Sparks are committed to focusing on empowering and providing a sense of purpose by showing up for our LA community. No one is alone.

May 28th – Spark The True You: A Convening of Women Veteran Thought Leaders

Goal: To learn how the County of Los Angeles Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, the Department of Mental Health and the Los Angeles Sparks, working in partnership as Spark The True You, can better connect women veterans and their families to the benefits and resources that are available to them so that they can enjoy a greater spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Who: Facilitator, Ken Homer, from Honig IdeaGuides and women veteran thought leaders from numerous branches and military organizations across all of southern California.

What: Over 30 women veteran thought leaders came together at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall to have a thoughtful discussion addressing the current state of affairs for military women, women veterans, and their families.

Why: To gather information from our veteran thought leaders on what and where the Spark the True You campaign areas of focus should be and how to implement these ideas into our upcoming nine events this year.

Spark the True You: How Diet & Exercise Impact Wellbeing
U.S. VETS at Century Villages Cabrillo Social Hall

Goal: Together we explored the relationship between, diet, exercise, mental health and overall well-being

Who: Women in active duty, women veterans, and their families

What: The event was filled with discussions and information on health, eating habits, and well-being.

Why: To empower military women and veterans to spark their truth in their own communities as a benefit to themselves and to their fellow sisters. 

Spark the True You: International Self-Care Day

Goal: Provided information to women in active duty, women veterans, and their families on self-care and self-heath methods.

Who: Women in active duty, women veterans, and their families.

What: A tour of the Pete Archer Rowing Center was given, followed by an indoor rowing class led by former U.S. National Team rower, Jack Nunn, and Marine Veteran, Angela Madsen, a Paralympic Medalist and the first woman to row across the Indian Ocean.

Why: To continue the goal of the Spark to True You effort and empower women in active duty, women veterans, and their families with events, workshops, and engagements centered on their health and well-being.

Spark the True You: Bouncing Back

Goal: To discuss how to come back from mental and physical obstacles. Attendees learned alternative therapies, how to approach rehabilitation, why rehabilitation has a negative connotation, and how to cope with moving forward.

Who: Women in active duty, women veterans, and their families.

What: A discussion on improving health and well-being for women active duty, women veterans, and their families was provided, along with information on rehabilitation and treatment.

Why: To improve the health of women in active duty, women veterans, and their families.