Sparks Announce Partnership with The Quarks Group

Partnership Features Launch of Women’s Entrepreneurship Network to support local female business stakeholders, leaders and entrepreneurs navigating the economic development universe 

LOS ANGELES —The Los Angeles Sparks are launching an impactful initiative to assist local leaders and business-minded individuals to help address the economic development gap for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Los Angeles Sparks and The Quarks Group (Quarks) announced today a 7-week economic development cohort starting on April 12 that is designed to help local leaders expand their economic development expertise. Through this effort, individuals will be provided with an advanced-level crash course on navigating the business development infrastructure.

The Quarks earmarked up to $50,000 in local funding support to underwrite this endeavor for up to 20 local women leaders. Local and national industry experts will lead the targeted curriculum, and cohort participants will have direct access to federal and local funding programs, as well as private funding for those businesses that meet the associated requirements. The Quarks, a team of community and economic development professionals, will manage the education and technical assistance associated with the program.

“We’re excited to work with The Quarks Group to help a group of women accomplish their goals as entrepreneurs,” Sparks Interim President & COO Natalie White said. “This cohort puts the Sparks core values into action by providing education, training and funding to female business leaders who we know will help bolster the LA community through economic development.”

“We need to continue to illuminate the varied opportunities for funding support for local business leaders,” said Quency Phillips of Quarks, initiative architect who led a Bay Area initiative with LISC and other charitable organizations. “This partnership is part of a pipeline that is needed for all communities to thrive. As a Board Member for the Women’s Foundation of California, I’m looking forward to women continuing to be resourced at the levels needed for us all to thrive.”

The virtual cohort will serve as a capacity-building program with workshops, coursework, and other training for local leaders interested in learning more about economic development, while informing and arming members about future opportunities. Cohort participants will also be provided more technical assistance for selected members that demonstrate an immediate business need.