Los Angeles Sparks Announce Social Justice Community Pillar

Pillar to Include ‘Change Has No Offseason’ Campaign

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Sparks announced today the addition of a Social Justice pillar to the organization’s community relations platform. The pillar is a long-term commitment to combatting systemic racism and sexism and will include a campaign titled Change Has No Offseason.

The campaign will feature the continuation and enhancement of existing Sparks initiatives focused on mental health and wellness, police and youth relations and women’s initiatives. The Sparks will also launch new programs related to voter registration and education and immigration reform.

“Part of our core mission is to serve our community and provide not just resources but also a voice to underrepresented groups,” President and COO Danita Johnson said. “The Sparks organization is proud to launch a social justice pillar in order to continue the critical work we do to help victims of systemic oppression.”

Social Justice will be the Sparks fifth community pillar. The other four pillars are Women & Girls Empowerment, Health & Wellness, Youth Sports, and Military/Veteran Affairs & First Responders. Signature community initiatives already include the annual #WeAreWomen game, Mental Health Awareness game, Pride & Authenticity Night, as well as the Spark The True You campaign, the largest community partnership in WNBA history which supports female veterans.

“As an organization, it’s important that our initiatives are not just a moment in time but rather a continuous effort to build a better, stronger and more equitable world,” Johnson added. “Change has no offseason.”

Watch the Los Angeles Sparks’ Official ‘Change Has No Offseason’ Video Here