1. Besides training camp, what is the first thing you will do when you come to Los Angeles?

Chelsea: I am going to enjoy the beach and the beautiful California weather. I’ve been on the East coast for the past 5 years, only visiting LA for a week or so at a time. It feels really good to be home.


  1. Besides your Sparks teammates, who are the three most talented players in the WNBA you have either played with or against?


– Diana Taurasi: She makes those around her better and her competitive edge is unmatched.  

– Elena Delle Donne: Her versatility and ability to affect every aspect of the game is ridiculous.

– Sue Bird: She’s just amazing.  She exemplifies everything it means to be a leader.  


  1. It’s early – but what are you looking forward to with the Sparks this season?

 Chelsea: I’m excited to be around a group of veteran players that will help me raise my level of play. I am also looking forward to bringing some flare as I pass to one of the best frontcourts in the WNBA.


  1. Do you have a favorite go-to LA restaurant?  If not, is there a place you’ve heard about that you want to visit? 

Chelsea: Unfortunately, I don’t really have a restaurant that is my go-to.  I’m looking forward to exploring various restaurants.  If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


  1. You’re joining a team that has five WNBA All-Stars as its core, what do you think you will learn from them? 

Chelsea: I’m looking forward to learning what it takes to be considered one of the best in this league. Their competitive edge takes their game to another level, so just constantly being around that will raise the bar for myself.


  1. Coach Agler and Penny Toler wanted to trade for you. Knowing you were sought after, how do you feel and what will you bring to the team?

Chelsea: Blessed! It makes me feel good to know that they wanted me to be a part of what they are building in LA. I know there are high expectations and I can’t wait to get on the court and contribute.

  1. What are two things Sparks fans would be surprise to know about you?


1. I love to cook! Lately I’ve been into trying new dishes and experimenting with different ingredients.

2. I love poetry and enjoy writing. It is very therapeutic for me.


  1. It’s the 20th season of the WNBA and Sparks this year.  What memories do you have of the league and who in the league inspired your career? 


  • As a little girl I was always excited to attend WNBA games. I remember walking away from one of the first games I had ever attended, ???, knowing that one day I wanted to in this league.
  • I kept three jersey’s hanging in my room:
  1. Cynthia Cooper: I loved her game and was a Houston Comet fan. She was the best. To this day she is still my favorite player.
  2. Ticha Penicheiro: Her passing ability inspired me to try to mimic some of those plays when I was younger. My vision and passing ability is a huge part of my game so you can say she’s had a big influence in the player I am today.
  3. Lisa Leslie: She was so dominating! It’s impossible not to admire her.


  1. Do you have any superstitions?


 Yes. I have to put my right sock and right shoe on first before every game.  If I don’t, I’ll take off my shoes and socks and start all over.


  1. You’re a Cali girl. Can Sparks fans expect a Chelsea Gray cheering section at STAPLES Center?


Hahaha! Not a cheering section; but my family and close friends will definitely be at a lot of games. My family up north is excited to be taking an in-state flight to LA rather than a cross country trip. Everyone is just excited I’m back home.