National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

24/7 Mental Health Access Line: 800-854-7771

Military & Veterans Benefits Line: 877-4LA-VETS (8387)

An Opportunity for Transformative Change

Spark the True You educates, assists, and activates a growing community of support across Southern California for women in active duty, women veterans, and their families who are looking for ways to be successful and achieve their ultimate physical, spiritual, emotional, mental health and well-being goals.
STTY inspires a movement to normalize the experience of mental illness and other related health issues and breaks through the barriers that continue to hold many women in active duty and veterans back from reaching out for assistance and taking advantage of available resources.
STTY includes innovative influencer partnerships with organizations providing promotional support and content development, that fosters opportunities for individuals to take personal actions to spark their truth in their own communities as a benefit to themselves and to their fellow sisters.