Spark into S.T.Y.L.E.
is a five-pronged initiative centered on instilling a sense of empowerment in our local youth populations through a variety of themed workshops. Outreach focuses on students’ interests in Sports, their own Talents, Yummy nutrition and food, Leadership, and their Entrepreneurial abilities.


Upcoming Workshop

Shop Smart!

Goal: Help students understand the benefits and practices of nutritious eating and organic skin care, and begin building up healthy practices that will last a lifetime.

Who: Open to all middle and high school-aged girls living in at-risk areas of Los Angeles.

What: Students will learn new approaches to grocery shopping that emphasize making healthy shopping choices in a practical, affordable manner. The group will then learn how to properly prepare and cook different healthy meals during an immersive workshop. A skin care specialist will also teach them about the benefits of organic hygiene care and healthy personal care techniques.

Why: Healthy lifestyles begin at the grocery store and continue throughout the cooking process. Teaching our youth how to shop and eat healthily now will pay dividends in the future when they enter the world with practical and valuable life skills. Get healthy inside and out!


Goal: Educate students on the dangers of vaping and commonly held misconceptions surrounding the use of electronic cigarettes.

Who: Open to all middle and high school-aged girls living in at-risk areas of Los Angeles.

What: Members from the Los Angeles Sparks’ Youth Ambassador Council will lead a group of students through an educational workshop on the health risks and environmental dangers of vaping.

Why: There is a widely-held misconception in our youth communities that vaping is a completely safe and healthy alternative to traditional cigarette consumption. Bridging the gap between how our kids perceive vaping and tobacco usage is key in empowering youth to make informed decisions and building healthier communities for everyone. Get informed, get S.M.A.R.T.!

Past Workshops

Speak Up!

Goal: Enable students to become more confident and effective public speakers, as well as more educated about sexual assault awareness and self-defense practices.

Who: Open to all middle and high school-aged girls living in at-risk areas of Los Angeles.

What: The students will participate in a public speaking seminar where they will learn techniques to properly address an audience, manage nervousness, and leave a striking impression. Afterwards, as a followup to the #MeToo movement, they will delve deeper into the legal side of sexual assault during a talk from guest speaker Angela Reddock-Wright, Reddock Law Group, and then participate in a self-defense class.

Why: From the Vietnam protests to the #MarchForOurLives movement, the ability of our youth to be able to communicate for themselves has proven time and time again to be an indispensable tool for empowerment. Educating them about the realities of sexual assault will enhance their awareness on the issue and enable them to become better advocates. Speak up, speak out!

Drawing Bold Boundaries: Upstanders for All – June 2017

Goal: Elevate students’ understanding and knowledge of inclusivity, allyship, and positive social media approaches.

Who: 23 middle and high school-aged girls living in at-risk areas of Los Angeles.

What: The group filled their day with a three-part workshop led by a number of speakers engaged in LGBTQ activism within California such as renown transgender rights attorney Mia Yamamoto and members of PFLAG. The head of Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity at LAUSD Judy Chiasson also spoke to the students about issues such as campus inclusiveness and LGBTQ rights. To close out the workshop, Kimberly Jones, MA, CSCS, USAW, IFBB Pro, IG and Youtube Influencer talked to the group about savvy personal branding strategies. The girls also received ‘LOVED’ inscribed necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and magnets from HumanKIND Jewelry.

Why: In wake of the ongoing and heated debate surrounding the North Carolina Bathroom Bill and the rights of members belonging to the LGBTQ community, learning how to generate constructive discussion and create inclusive environments is of the utmost importance in builder a better, brighter future for our youth. Be your own leader!

Beyond the Baseline: Community Sport & Health Clinic – July 2017

Goal: Empower students to become better and more effective citizens through the game of basketball.

Who: 34 middle and high school-aged girls living in at-risk areas of Los Angeles.

What: The girls were treated to a basketball clinic where they learned about the fundamentals of basketball from head coach James Hunt and Purpose Driven Training. Afterwards, model and actress AzMarie Livingston from the hit TV series “Empire” gave a talk about the role of sports as a tool for youth empowerment. Los Angeles Sparks-branded fidget spinners were also provided to the girls by Winged Nut Spinners.

Why: Promoting equal access to sport and gender equality in athletics is one of the foremost goals of the Spark Into S.T.Y.L.E. initiative. Sports are an incredibly effective mechanism to break down stereotypes, as well as develop a lifelong leadership skill set style both on and off the court. Give all segments of our youth population a chance to SOMETHING.


My Body, My Mind: Three Cheers to Health, Fitness & Wellness – August 2017

Goal: Help the group find their “inner zen” through a variety of both physically and mentally healthy approaches, and improve their overall well-being.

Who: 12 middle and high school-aged girls living in at-risk areas of Los Angeles.

What: During the three-part workshop, the girls learned different meditation and mind-clearing techniques, and were educated on how to better their personal health. Representatives from Youth Yoga LA and Insight LA Meditation, and Jennifer Metz from CA Health Collaborative led the group through yoga sessions, meditative exercises, and an educational session on breast-health awareness. The girls took home free ribbon hair ties, Los Angeles Sparks-branded stress basketballs, and first aid kits courtesy of Top Knot Chicago, Stressez, and Care LA.

Why: Developing healthy approaches towards improving individual mental and physical health is a life skill that can dramatically better the happiness and productivity of our youth. The Sparks wants to empower the students in our community to not only become healthier, but also be able to pass these skills on to their peers.