The Los Angeles Sparks are proud to present the 2019 LGBTQ Pride Night on June 27 against the Las Vegas Aces. This year’s theme is celebrating#Authenticity: the degree to which an individual’s actions and being are congruent with their beliefs and desires, despite external pressures.
The day will feature three events : a charity basketball game, a pre-game discussion panel and the night will be capped off with the Pride Night headlining event post-game: The Do-Over #Authenticity Prom, in partnership with LA Pride, which provides a platform for the LGBTQ community and allies an opportunity to go to Prom with someone of the same gender or that shares similar perspectives of gender identity.


Authenticity Games: 12:30pm-1:30pm

The Los Angeles Sparks are partnering with a LGBTQ nonprofit of the night to celebrate authenticity in 2019 via the 2019 #Authenticity Games. The #Authenticity Games are a collaboration between the Sparks, local girl and boy high school basketball players, and our 2019 LGBTQ non profit of the night to create a climate for individuals to feel safe being themselves on high school campuses and in their communities. At the 2019 #Authenticity Games local high school girl and boy basketball players will collaborate to compete before a LA Sparks game at STAPLES Center to win a $6,000 donation for our nonprofit of the night. The concept is to provide a platform for local GSA’s to receive support from their peers to assist with their mission of having a safe space to provide social, supportive or activism platforms on campus and in the community.

The GSA is a school club in which students can talk and learn about sexual orientation, gender identity and some other issues that surround them. Identity, sexuality and self-expression are imperative topics to focus on and provide support for as many high school students find themselves struggling with the topic and find themselves in different social predicaments that resonate with the real world.

The GSA, #Authenticity Game participants and school representatives will be presented with a donation check by LA Sparks partners Glenn Agoncillo and Mike Tawney during the LA Sparks LGBTQ pride night game on Thursday June 27, 2019 at 7:30PM

#Authenticity Panel: 6:00pm-7:00pm

The #Authenticity panel is a 1 hour event, inclusive of 30-45 minutes of panel discussion with LGBTQ community members and advocates that will speak on their journey of finding #Authenticity for themselves and exploring questions such as, What does it mean to you to be #Authentic? What were the challenges? What gave you the confidence to live in your truth? Who was your biggest support system on that journey? How does it feel when you are living with #Authenticity? This event will be held before the LA Sparks game on Thursday June 27, 2019 at STAPLES Center.

Host: Frenchy – LA Sparks in-arena host Proposed Panelist: To be shared at a later date

The Do-Over #Authenticity Prom: Post-game rooftop party 9:30pm-12:00am

The LA Sparks 2019 #Authenticity Prom, “The Do-Over”, in partnership with LA Pride provides a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to get an opportunity to go to Prom with someone of the same gender or that shares similar perspectives of gender identity.

As an adolescent, often times it is hard to attend your High School Prom with the person that you truly would like to go on a date with due to the lack of support and the challenges that go along with that choice. “The Do-Over” is the opportunity to do it all over again with your partner or that acquaintance that has grabbed your attention. Traditional Prom attire is not required so feel free to swag you and your date out however you like.

The “Do- Over” will take place after the LA Sparks Pride Night game at STAPLES Center on Thursday June 27, 2019. Be ready to watch the LA Sparks take on the Las Vegas Aces, dance on STAPLES Center Rooftop, take pictures and make new memories. Who are you going to ask to Prom?