What Does Pride Mean To Me? Written By Amanda Zahui B.

What does Pride mean to me?

It would seem so easy to simply write up a couple of words that would describe the meaning of pride to me. But in reality, it is not that simple. To celebrate Pride Month, we have to acknowledge the ups, the downs, and the struggles of finding ourselves.

I don’t say this lightly as I understand how hard it can truly be to find who you really are. The path towards discovering the inner you, that will bring out your personal glow, smile and confidence, it is not a walk in the park. That process is more of a walk in the mud with high heels…but when we find who we really are and are confident in that person, there is nothing in this world that can take that feeling and joy away from us. We are filled with strength and courage. We are prideful.

In my personal journey of finding myself, I have discovered that not only am I still learning and growing, but I am so damn proud of the steps I’ve taken along the way as a young adult in this world. I am proud of the struggles that I once barely could understand and that I have now have crushed- basically slam-dunked them. I pridefully dunked on the downs, on the struggles of accepting the fact that I am not like anyone else walking this earth. I have flaws, I am not perfect, according to this generations views and opinions of perfect, but guess what?! Me, Amanda Zahui Bazoukou- I’m proud of who I am and who I am still becoming.

I celebrate my body, my mind and my sexuality. I am confident and open to the fact that I was made to love women. I was created to celebrate the beautiful women on this earth. To love the most powerful creature on this earth, the woman.

Has it always been easy to be openly gay for me? 100% yes! My family has always been accepting and supportive of my sexuality, because there is nothing wrong with loving someone with the same gender as you. As long as you’re loved by your person, respected, and shown the same love and respect back.

Our love in the LGBTQ+ community is special. We understand each other’s struggles, love and we accept our flaws. Are we perfect as a community? Hell nah, we have so much work to do. But, that is the beautiful part of it. We are willing to get better, when I say “we” I am speaking of the humans that I know and surround myself with. I cannot speak for any and everyone on this earth. Because at the end of the day, we are all humans and we have flaws and we mess up. Such is life. But I love our colors, our energy and confidence. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

So to answer the question; “ what does pride mean to me? ”To be confident in yourself and accepting of your flaws. To celebrate life and those around you. There is no other flag with all the colors, there is room for all of us. Let us celebrate life and love together. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of who you love. Be proud of yourself for taking the steps of being 100% unique and beautiful.

Love, Zahui B.