SuitKits: Helping Every Woman Feel Confident

Image courtesy: Trokon George

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Sparks are excited to announce a partnership agreement with SuitKits, an e-commerce company that specializes in customized suits and separates for women. The deal makes SuitKits the official suit provider of the Sparks. Founded by Sierra E, the company will make custom suits for all Sparks players and female coaches that will debut during player walk-ins on Aug. 25 during the #WeAreWomen game against the Connecticut Sun.

Sierra Elizabeth is familiar with the universal struggle of finding clothes to fit her non-traditional body type. As a former collegiate basketball player and track athlete for the University of Michigan, strong legs and broad shoulders came standard as a part of her student-athlete experience. But as she transitioned into her professional career as a lawyer, it became even harder to find clothes that looked the part.

Sierra E founded SuitKits, a website that allows women to input measurements and customize suits and separates for unique lifestyles, in October 2018 to address this difficulty. “When I have clothing that fits me well, it just boosts my confidence in a way that’s hard to explain,” she said.

SuitKits aims to help all women feel confident by designing custom business professional and business casual suits. The company also offers fashion-forward suits for women who want to express their individuality and make a statement. SuitKits has tailors in major cities, including New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Los Angeles, who customers can visit for adjustments. Alterations made by tailors are then saved in the customer’s account for future purchases.

Although SuitKits began as a means of helping every woman feel confident in their body type, Sierra E quickly noticed another issue to address: the lack of professional attire for women from underprivileged backgrounds.

“That’s when everything culminated for me,” Sierra E said. “It went from, ‘This is just a personal issue for me’ to ‘I see other people having the same issue’ to ‘Not only is this about clothing, but I see that it’s directly affecting people’s ability to get a job, and then eventually upward mobility for themselves and their family.’ That’s when it really hit home.”

To foster opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds, the Sierra E SuitKits for Scholars Program takes some net proceeds from sales to fund and purchase suits for women who cannot afford them. Women can apply online for the program, which grants a portion of applicants custom suits.

“Hearing those testimonials and having women who we’ve given suits write me emails and say I’ve changed the trajectory of their life – if you need any motivation, that’s it,” Sierra E said.

The SuitKits website also offers a credit system where customers can earn money towards purchases by leaving a review, sharing on social media or helping a woman in need. The credit system aims to help foster a community among SuitKits customers, as well as women who aspire to become customers in the future.

On August 25, Sierra E will watch the Los Angeles Sparks don her suits for the pre-game walk-in to STAPLES Center as part of the SuitKits “We Are Women” theme game sponsorship. The players will customize their fabrics, lining colors and silhouettes for the suits from a curated selection to create a cohesive team look while highlighting SuitKits’ versatility and the players’ personalities.

For someone like Sierra E – who not only grew up as a Sparks season ticketholder but also attended the first Sparks game in 1997 – the partnership is a dream come true.

“I’m beyond excited,” Sierra E said. “I think the players are going to really rock our stuff.”