Hailing from the back streets of Cainaheim, California, Sparky is the oldest of ten puppies. He’s the most energetic of his entire family, making the Sparks the perfect fit. Known around Los Angeles for his explosive dance moves, pumping up the crowd, and sick mohawk, Sparky is an electrifying part of the L.A. Sparks experience.

A seasoned performer, our favorite canine has shared a stage with not only mascots, but some of our outstanding entertainment crews. He spends most of the game interacting with the fans that fill the Staples Center to see the Sparks win.

Sparky has enjoyed being a fixture of our L.A. community for over ten years. He’s been attending birthday parties, basketball clinics, and other community events since he joined the Sparks.

Sparky understands that due to COVID-19, that we have many in-person restrictions and are safer at home. Sparky is available for virtual events, click the link below for the booking form.



Sparky’s Pregame Party From Home!

Sparky’s Raven Challenge!

Sparky Learning From Home!