The Los Angeles Sparks are devoted to improving access to basketball instruction for underprivileged members of our community. As we know, basketball clinics can oftentimes be pricey and inaccessible for many, but no child’s love of basketball should be limited by financial constrictions or their environment. Every kid deserves the opportunity to properly learn the fundamentals of the game.

Not only do participants in our free clinics receive expert basketball instruction, they also learn about being a good teammate, constructive stress-reduction, and self-empowerment. Attendees typically range from four to 17 years old, and are often enrolled in public schools located in under-served areas of Los Angeles.

Since 2017, the Sparks have hosted over 1,000 children and adults from southern California.

Jr. WNBA Week 2017 and 2018

This past June, the Sparks hosted a free, one hour community basketball clinic during our BALLN ON THE BEACH 3-on-3 tournament at Venice Beach for boys and girls, ages six to 12.

In 2017, 34 inner-city girls were treated to a basketball clinic where they learned about the fundamentals of basketball from head coach James Hunt and Purpose Driven Training. Afterwards, model and actress AzMarie Livingston from the hit TV series “Empire” gave a talk about the role of sports as a tool for youth empowerment.

2017 Finals Clinic

One of the added benefits of being in the Finals last year was that the League afforded us the opportunity to host a WNBA Finals clinic benefitting inner-city girls on basketball basics. Being able to spend time out in the community with young fans helped to keep the players positively motivated on their playoff run.

Future Clinics

By 2019, the Sparks would like to expand the community clinic platform to be more inclusive of all children by including clinics for those who participate in adaptive sports. If you are interested in making this a reality, and improving access to basketball clinics for young people from all of our communities, please contact Los Angeles Sparks Community Relations at