The Los Angeles Sparks have an array of theme nights for 2019. There is an occasion for EVERYONE! Click on the corresponding buttons below to grab your tickets today or for group tickets, feel free to shoot as an email by clicking on the button below. See you at STAPLES CENTER!

Pride Night – June 27
The Los Angeles Sparks are proud to present the 2019 LGBTQ Pride Night on June 27 against the Las Vegas Aces. This year’s theme is celebrating#Authenticity: the degree to which an individual’s actions and being are congruent with their beliefs and desires, despite external pressures.
The day will feature three events : a charity basketball game, a pre-game discussion panel and the night will be capped off with the Pride Night headlining event post-game: The Do-Over #Authenticity Prom, in partnership with LA Pride, which provides a platform for the LGBTQ community and allies an opportunity to go to Prom with someone of the same gender or that shares similar perspectives of gender identity.


Mental Health Awareness Night – June 30
Mental Health Awareness Night is a special theme for the Sparks’ organization. Beginning in the 2018 season, Mental Health Awareness night is an opportunity for those wanting to improve their mental health or gain knowledge on the topic. There are several events in the week leading up to the game, including gameday workshops and engagements.

Sneakerhead Night presented by NIKE – July 7
Sneakerhead Day presented by NIKE is a celebration of the sneaker and shoe culture that has become synonymous with athletes and the basketball world. There will be a discussion panel on sneakerhead culture featuring Jason Markk before the Sparks matchup against the Washington Mystics.
Special event tickets include admission to the game, panel discussion, raffle, and gift bag.
To attend, click on the poster to the left or the following link:



Camp Day – July 18
Camp Day is a special opportunity to bring your group, day camp, or summer camp to STAPLES Center for a mid-week, mid-day game to watch your championship Los Angeles Sparks take on one of their WNBA counterparts. Reserve your tickets today for priority seating. Lunch options available!

Service Day – August 4
Join the Los Angeles Sparks on this special day as we hold, “Service Day,” a day dedicated to those who have served in our military forces, first reponders, and any others who have put their life on the line in service for others.

Take Me Back Tuesday – August 20
Take Me Back Tuesday is a celebration of everything 90s. Who doesn’t love music from the 90s? Join us for this hip and happening event. You never know who will pop up from your favorite decade. Last year was T-Boz from TLC, this year? You’ll have to be at STAPLES Center to find out!

Breast Health Awareness – August 22
Breast Health Awareness is a special night to bring awareness for your personal health. Come out and support your loved ones and help bring exposure to Breast Health Awareness.

#WeAreWomen – August 25
#WeAreWomen is the quintessential event of the Los Angeles Sparks. It is a celebration of everything WOMEN. Workshops, events, and pre-game engagements occur throughout the week and on gameday to empower women and young girls.