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2019 Events



March 22nd – Spark The True You Campaign Tip Off Event + Women Veteran’s Summit

Goal: Spark the True You, presented in partnership with the Los Angeles County Departments of Military and Veteran Affairs and Mental Health, educates, assists and activates a growing community of support across Southern California for military women, veterans and their families looking for ways to be successful and achieve their ultimate physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health goals. The partnership casts a greater spotlight on military women, veterans and their families in an effort to highlight and underscore the invaluable community asset that they are.

Who: Women in active duty, women veterans, and their families

What: During the first half of the day, women in active duty, women veterans, and their families spent time listening to informed and empowered guest speakers. In the second half of the day, guests were provided information on employment opportunities and veteran programs exclusively available to them while also being given access to wellness activities.

Why: Empower military women and veterans to spark their truth in their own communities as a benefit to themselves and to their fellow sisters.



Events to be confirmed by next week…