Director Name: Galit Friedlander

Crew: SparKids

I was born and raised in New York City, the birthplace of Hip-Hop. I love teaching the dance form from a culture that has impacted me so much. It’s an honor to be the Director of the Sparkids. They are Our Future. This season I am looking forward to helping them grow and achieve their goals as young dancers.


Director Name: G. Madison

Crew: Sparks Crew

As a professional dancer, choreographer and international instructor, traveling the world and performing on every stage I can get my hands on is my passion. I’m honored to return as Director and for the Sparks Crew. I’ve always been passionate about music, sports and performance. This season get ready as the Sparks Crew continues to ‘take talent to the next level’ representing our Champions on and off the court!


Director Name: Aerick Luckie

Crew: Ole Skool Crew (OSC)

  It all started in Inglewood, CA. At a very young age the love of performance sparked inside of me when I saw Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope Tour. From then on, creating dynamic movement and breath-taking visuals became the fuel for my passion. Being the Director for Ole Skool Crew is fun, familiar territory. I’m so excited to build on an already epic foundation. This season will be a nonstop dance party, all the way to FINALS!